Global Latina executive with over 20 years of experience in the U.S. and Latin America, specializing in go-to-market strategies with proven consumer growth, impact, innovation, and transformation. She has held leadership roles in diverse sectors such as Retail, CPG, Financial Services, and Energy, working for companies like Walmart, MasterCard, Penske Media Corporation, and Omnilife-Chivas Group. Carla is known for pioneering Walmart’s first Multicultural Marketing center and creating its first marketing procurement division. She has launched successful products and strategies for Fortune 500 companies, across 20+ markets, and has been a key player in transformative initiatives like establishing MasterCard’s Retailer Business strategy. Recognized for her advocacy in consumer markets and dedication to diversity and inclusion, she’s a purpose-driven leader, committed to mentoring and developing diverse talent. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Carla is a Texas State University alumna with an MBA from Johns Hopkins University, and is trilingual in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.