You don't need a fractional CXO. You need a Fraction of a Fraction ... or a FOAF.
And you've come to the right FOAFing place.

Don't Go FOAF Yourself

Thought of hiring a fractional CMO? CRO? CWO? (Chief Whatever Officer)

Here's the not-so-dirty not-so-little not-so-secret: "fractional" tends to mean part-time. And it's an awesome euphemism. You can get a good chunk of an experienced exec's time for way less cash and overhead than a FT hire. Been there, done that.

But often what you need isn't someone fractional. You need a fraction of a fraction. And that's where this idea was born.

Get Just What You Need

Get only what you need, and we'll set realistic expectations for what we'll achieve together in the near-term and long-term.


Shift plans month-to-month or even week-to-week as your needs and priorities change.


Get the experience of a $150K-$300K+ base salary hire for a few grand a month, more or less.

It takes diff'rent FOAFs to move the world

(Yes it does.)Fine, we'll give you the FOAFing bio of the one who came up with all of this:David Berkowitz is the founder of the Serial Marketer consultancy and the 3,000-member Serial Marketers community. Previously, he held marketing and strategy leadership roles with omnichannel ad tech platform Mediaocean, video production marketplace Storyhunter, social listening firm Sysomos, Publicis agency MRY, and Dentsu agency 360i. He has contributed more than 600 columns to outlets such as Advertising Age, MediaPost, VentureBeat, and Adweek, and he has spoken at more than 400 events globally. He lives in midtown Manhattan with one daughter and two cats.

Now, meet our other FOAFs!

How Can We FOAF Your Boat?

Let us know the FOAFing plan that's right for you.Here are the plans based on the fraction of how much of a FOAF's time a week you need.

FOAF around and find out

Fractional plans start at $1,000/month. It used to be $999, but, you know, inflation. Contact us for the full rate card. Discounted rates of up to 25% are available for more involved plans.

If you're looking for a full-on fractional CWO (Chief Whatever Officer), that might not be our jam, we can point you in the right direction.

And if you're a service provider who likes to give a FOAF, reach out, and maybe we can be FOAF buddies together. We can make it worth your FOAFing while.

About our FOAFing logo

If you thought the logo looks like Pac-Man vomiting Trivial Pursuit pieces, we did too. There's a deeper meaning behind it. Let us know when you figure out what it is, and we'll make that our brand story instead.

What the FOAF are you still doing here? Do you expect us to say All Rights Reserved or something? Fine, we reserve them!
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Meet the FOAFers

Laura Fitton
Laura Fitton built to evangelize ways to can scale climate solutions faster. After a career as a speaker and tech CEO building movements via partnership, influencers, community, and communications, she has returned to her environmental science and policy degree roots. Prior to, she founded Twitter app store oneforty and sold it to HubSpot, where sje pioneered customer centricity, PR, influencer relations and other partnership and community building programs as their inbound marketing evangelist (intrapreneur). She evangelized the business, media, and cultural use of Twitter years before it was widely understood, and spoke about it on stages including HBS, MIT, SXSW, and numerous tech conferences.
Fun FOAFing Fact: She is the lead author of Twitter for Dummies.

B.L. Ochman
FOAFer B.L. Ochman is a uniquely experienced, multi-faceted marketing professional who
creates and executes high-yield, innovative programs that drive visibility and sales for clients
ranging from name brands to entrepreneurs. Among her most in-demand skills: formatting,
publishing and promoting business e-books on Amazon, Smashwords and more top portals.
She also has produced more than 500 podcasts, video interviews and live-streamed events.
Fun FOAFing Fact: She is also a really pretty good swing dancer.