👋🏼 Hi, I’m Kelly. I’m an Operations and CX leader turned Consultant with a focus on scaling organizations and people. I work with companies to drive scale by creating operational solutions that balance the company’s mission, people, and business goals.

I previously launched, scaled, and led Operations orgs (have led a team of 300+) at startups across multiple industries: Uber, Convoy, Newfront Insurance, NEXT Trucking, etc…

As a consultant, I work with leaders in a few ways:
⚙️ Product Operations: Launch and develop Product Operations teams that drive operational efficiency by aligning Operations teams and Product teams. This includes launching your company’s first Product Operations org, developing the existing team and its processes into a well-oiled machine, and aligning Product to create automated/streamlined solutions to the most operational burdensome tasks.

⭐ Customer Experience / Operations: Building best-in-class Customer Support teams that are an integral part of a company’s DNA. This includes org design, hiring a team, processes & systems, and partnering with other organizations to scale a product that drives a cost-effective and enjoyable customer experience.

🥅 Operational Framework: Build an Operational Framework (strategic planning, OKR/goal setting, org design, business operating rhythm including business review templates, facilitation, and setting the right cadence). This creates teams and leaders that are operating efficiently at both the 3,000 foot level and the 3 foot level. When put into practice, they create a business rhythm that produces outcome-driven and engaged teams.

💡Assess & optimize processes & people. I work with teams to assess the current-state of an Operations org (Operations, Customer Experience/Support, Sales Ops, etc…) and build more efficient processes. I also work with your team to put systems in place to build muscle so they can do this on their own.

💻 Interim / Fractional Head of Ops, SVP Ops, COO as needed & where there’s a mutual fit.